Frequently asked questions for employers

Do you have national coverage?

Yes, we work from two different offices to find sales professionals all over the country. The interviews tend to take place at one our offices, but we also conduct interviews at other locations occasionally.

Do you work on a no cure no pay basis?

Usually, yes. We will only send an invoice after our client has reached an agreement with our candidate.

Do you work on an exclusive basis?

We do not set exclusivity as a condition to work with us, although there are advantages both for our clients and for ourselves. If we don’t have exclusivity we will not be able to name our clients, thus forfeiting employer branding exposure and potentially reducing the amount of impact we can make with an announcement.

What industries do you work for?

We work for any and every industry. From ICT to media, (Fin & High) Tech, Industrial, Consultancy, Health Care, Technology, FMCG, Retail, Construction, Logistics, Hospitality, Automotive, Utilities, Telecom, Finance, and Facility Management. We invest the same amount of passion and energy in every industry, because our focus is on sales and that makes us successful.

Do you recruit senior staff members too?

Yes, we recruit all commercial jobs, from telephone and showroom sales staff to (key) account manager, to sales manager and CCO. Senior positions are managed by our Senior Recruiters or Managing Consultants, management and C-level positions can also be managed by one of our founders.

Do you do any secondment?

No, our proposition is clear on this; Recruitment only and sales only.

Frequently asked questions for employees

Can I register with Salesrecruiters or send you an open application?

Yes, you can. We will save your details in our database so that one of our consultants can match you to relevant job openings as soon we have them. However, we always advise candidates to apply to specific vacancies, so that you are not dependent on a consultant and remain in control. This also enables you to modify your pitch to the specific job, which will be much more powerful than any general statement.

Can I speak to a consultant for an orientation meeting?

We work from specific vacancies to find a perfect match for our clients. That means we will invite appropriate candidates for each position, so we discuss job requirements and challenges. It gives our candidates the opportunity to prepare for that specific job. Therefore, we do not conduct any orientation meetings with candidates.

How quickly can I expect a response?

We try to respond to messages within five working days.

Can you elaborate on why I was not invited for an interview?

No, unfortunately we cannot. A consultant receives an average of 20 applications each day. We do not have enough time to personally explain to everyone why they were not invited for an interview. Oftentimes, you will find that if you look at the requirements again closely you will see where the mismatch has occurred. On top of that, we are highly critical when it comes to average terms of employment and career progression.

What will you do with my resume?

We will store your resume in our database, for which we will ask your permission in the e-mail you will receive from us. We will handle your personal data in accordance with the GDPR, but if you would like to learn more you can refer to our Privacy Statement here.