Sales professionals are different from other target groups. By dedicating ourselves to this particular group we know exactly how to reach them and we are able to hit high response rates. We have the time, the knowledge and the means to find candidates and fire them up with enthusiasm to discuss your job opening with us. We know how to select sales professionals. Through our vast experience, we are able to offer consultancy to our clients when it comes to job profiling, terms of employment and internal hiring processes.

We work for SME’s with one sales agent and we work for international corporates with hundreds of sales agents, and invest the same amount of passion each time. Our clients could be looking for showroom sales staff, telesales officers, account managers, sales managers or commercial directors. They are active in every industry imaginable and geographically spread throughout the Netherlands. The one thing they have in common is that they are looking for the best sales professionals out there and are willing to put a recruitment budget towards that goal, because they know mis-hires and delays will mean additional costs, missed opportunities, internal unrest and that it will pose a threat to their reputation.


  • 12 years of experience in sales recruitment, over 30.000 interviews conducted
  • Almost 90% of candidates we propose are invited for an interview
  • National coverage from 2 offices
  • A team of around 25 professionals to share knowledge and ensure continuity
  • No cure no pay, our service is guaranteed (replacements are free of charge)


We have chosen not to offer assessments because they require very specific knowledge and because they offer no guarantee that a candidate will be successful, least of all in sales. If our clients insist on having an assessment as part of their recruitment process, we advise reaching out to an assessment specialist. We choose not to work together with assessors too closely to avoid conflicts of interest.

Sales recruitment Scorecard

To give direction to the search on sales professionals Salesrecruiters has developed a Sales Recruitment Scorecard. A clear and easy to use online document, that will improve your selection process.


Sales Recruitment is a special profession. What methods can you apply to find out if he or she has the potential to become successful with your company? The booklet “How to select great sales professionals” is a compact overview with interview techniques, competence-oriented questions and other useful information to optimise your selection.


  • We will meet with you (no strings attached) to listen and ask all the right questions; We want to understand the full story, hear your ambitions, experience the culture and deepen the profile, so that we have all the information we need to find your perfect candidate, convince them and select them. You may ask our advice on recruitment, profiling, salary, bonuses, etcetera. While you have us there, please ask away!
  • After your approval we will make sure that word gets out, but mostly: That word gets out to the right people. We will use our database, network, job boards and Linkedin. Our sourcing specialists support our consultants in their search. Over 80% of all candidates we helped place have been found (or “hunted”) by us
  • When we find a candidate or receive an interesting message, we will first perform a quick scan via telephone. When the outcome is positive, we will continue with a face to face interview in one of our offices
  • When the candidate is found to be qualified we will send you their resume accompanied by a
    candidate profile written by us. This is where our client’s selection process starts
  • On request, we will check references with previous employers and/or clients
  • You will only receive an invoice from us once the candidate has signed a contract with you;
    No cure, no pay